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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Preventing and treating Coronavirus, Covid-19 or Corona outbreaks lies in the finding and removing trigger points in the lungs and the whole body.

Preventing and treating Coronavirus, Covid-19 or Corona outbreaks lies in the finding and removing trigger points in the lungs and the whole body.

Preventing and treating Coronavirus, Covid-19 or Corona outbreaks lies in the finding and removing trigger points in the lungs and the whole body.
v Finding and removing trigger points in the lungs to treat flu, flu A, Covid-19, cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonitis, COPD, chest pain, difficulty breathing, tonsillitis, rhinitis.
From statistic, the same condition of treatment, how can the young, the healthy men and the females can self-prevent, self-heal flu caused by Coronavirus or COVID19. Not yet medicine cure viruses, asthma, COPD, Chronic bronchitis, difficult breathing, but the health of the patients makes great difference. Most death cases had other diseases.
A. First step: eat and drink first to warm up the body
The heat comes from metabolic reactions. To the weak, skinny or chronically ill people, they need to take a lot of sugar juice to supply enough glucose for the cells. During practice, there are some learners had chronic illnesses taken nearly 400 mg of sugar to have enough glucose for the cells. The glycemia should be maintained ranged from 6.0 mmol/l to 8 mmol/l.
B. Second step: lie down and place an object on the lower abdomen, this will make the blood circulate well  to the whole body
Lie down and place an object weigh about 1 kg to 2 kg on the lower abdomen. The object the author usually uses was the bottle of water, a rock, a brick or a handy bag. Place from 10 minutes to 30 minutes until they have warm hands and warm feet. During practice, the author usually saw that the hand will warm first, then the stomach, and the foot.
1. If the hands and the foot warm, then do the third step
2. If the hands warm and the foot is not warm, these people can take more sugar juice then continue to lie down and put an object on the lower abdomen.
3. If the hands and the foot is not warm, even worse, the hand become colder and have cold sweating, stop immediately to start the first step to eat more and drink more sugar juice
There are a lot of soft tissues, soft organs and large vessels in the lower stomach so changing the vibration or movement of the lower stomach can make a great impact on blood circulation. This is the reason why deep breathing and abdominal breathing in yoga or qigong have many benefits on health.
Do Covid-19, coronavirus, flu virus reveal that too many people have forgotten, untreated problems in systemic cardiovascular? Some of its drugs caused coughing because the lungs contain lots of veins! Test by slightly punching/clapping on the back.
Virus, fear and worry, make people self-reduce from greed to basic needs. The earth becomes much cleaner. Needs: just small space, quiet, simple eating, enjoy!!!
C. Third step: Removing trigger points in the lungs
We can use hands or rubber hammer to punch or clap on the back.
You may feel like this is similar to postural drainage, No, this is better. The postural drainage technique makes patients feel lots of roughness on the back but do not make the lungs vibrate much. Punching on the back makes the whole lungs vibrate, this will make patients breathe easier. Do this in the right degree can be seen as a massage for the lungs to boost the health of the lungs.
1.  Quickly and slightly punch/clap on the upper back, if there are places that the patients feel hurt, pain, breathlessness, causing the coughing or feel comfortable these are the trigger points that can make the lungs ill or pneumonitis. The trigger points I usually find are on the bottom of the lungs. We can remove these trigger points in the lungs by continuous punching on the site of trigger points for about 10 to 30 minutes each time. By asking the feeling of the patients and the sound during punching on the back we can know whether or not the trigger points have been removed?
2.  Continous doing these several days can remove all the forgotten trigger points in the lungs.
D. Fourth step: clapping on trigger points on the whole body until having the sensation of roughness.
Clap on the muscle of the back, the shoulder, the neck, the nape, and the head.
When the practitioners have warm hand and/or foot, start to clap on the muscle on the back, the muscle on the lumber, the muscle on the neck, the muscle on the nape and the muscle on the head; these are the areas that have many trigger points. Clapping on trigger points, people only feel numbness, continue clapping on it until people have the sensation of roughness or burning. The trigger points will be removed when people have the sensation of roughness or burning. Clap on those areas until all have a sensation of roughness.

Source: Awaken You Wonderful We.                                                                 
Preventing and treating for Coronavirus, Covid-19 or Corona outbreaks lies in the finding and removing trigger points in the lungs and the whole body.
Covid-19 mortality rate, profoundly disturbing. It is not by the virus, but it may reveal the weakness of the modern medical system.
A.   The forgotten health problems
v  Covid-19 mortality rate, profoundly disturbing. It is not by the virus, but it may reveal the weakness of the modern medical system. It does not heal people, it just makes them feel temporary relief. It creates term like chronic illness and asks them to take medication for blood pressure, glycemia, itchy, pain, irritation for years, decades or lifetime. Many patients of chronic diseases have to take 4 - 5 pills for diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and impotent at the same time.
Ø  They may wrong, they may create its own conflict, paradoxes in even one branch of medicine. Worst of all, they are come from the wrong belief on lifestyle, on the heath. When having problems of lipidemia, glycemia, blood pressure, nutrition in blood, they all taught to think of medication. Poor physical lifestyle caused a lot of health problems in developed countries, just google or Wikipedia. This is a fact.
Ø   Many religious leaders infected and dying, even the high position in their religions, they even die when they are praying. It makes me doubt God. Just a kind of belief and power of belief. If Darwin was right, then we have roots from animals, we do not need too much clean and isolating lifestyle. Look at the lives of 2300 years ago, 2000 years ago, 1400 years ago, 1000 years ago, 400 years ago, 100 years ago, if based on the modern standard of hygiene, the modern theory of diseases, theory in eating, drinking, all these people of these time should be dead because of a lot of diseases.
Ø    We may forget that the condition of living can have an impact on overall health and the immune system. I can only describe the paradoxes of living, paradoxes of David and Goliath, the advantages and disadvantages of having, pr of richness, of leisure/lazy lifestyle. Modern men may lazy caused they have too much and not think much of right giving, right taking. They may   have a shallow view on physical and material life, tangible and intangible life, of giving or taking are the two faces of a coin/act/phenomenon.
Do covid-19, coronavirus, flu virus reveal that too many people have forgotten, untreated problems in systemic cardiovasculars? Some of these drugs caused Coughing because the lungs contain lots of veins! Test by slightly punching/clapping on the back.
B.         Facts of drugs for chronic health problems
Drugs: just simply make the statistic that a drug can reduce a kind of symptom, it can be approved by FDA and mass prescriptions. No need for total healing or recovered, just proves that it can reduce a kind of symptom in a cluster of symptoms call disease or syndrome. That is why patients may take a bag of prescription medication months. And they may take for years, decade, until they die. Or until they stumble to Flu, flu A, cold or stroke (overreact/too many changes of the body to the changing environment).
C. Removing trigger points by comfortable clapping or punching.
Ø Blood vessels are the reason why some kind of medicine to treat high blood pressure that effect of contraction and expending of blood vessel cause the side effect of coughing - TRY THIS: JUST PUNCHING, OR CLAPPING ON THE BACK TO REMOVE TRIGGER POINTS, WE CAN CLEAN THE AIRWAY AND STOP THE COUGHING. Any kind of coughing, even the coughing caused by side effects of hypertension medications.
Ø Right clapping or right punching that does not make patients feel pain or roughness but has impact on the vibrations of inner organs, vibrations of the cells, vessels,... can clear the ways, tubes, vessels that are inside the organs or connecting organs. This will make a great impact on health if we do it on the right degree. That is why the right nutrition and regular physical exercises are the best advice for patients of all kinds of diseases. Nutrition just give energy for the body. The exercises just to mobilize the cells, expansion of the vessels, and make the whole body more.
The movement of the muscles helps the vessels and the heart in circulating the blood. The facts are if we spleen the normal right arm for a month, we will have a weak right arm and a little atrophy on this arm. It is proved that the physical   movements have great impacts on the blood circulation and the health of cells and organs.
D.         Forgotten chronic diseases that make Covid-19 mortality rate, profoundly disturbing.
v   Nutrition, mineral, vitamins and physical exercises are good advice for all diseases, but a single factor of these does not create meaningful therapeutical effects. I just combine and make it better. Right calories from nutrition, combine to 3 to 5 Qigong exercises that have strong impact on blood circulation, and right clapping/physical impact that makes rhythmic pressure on trigger points will make meaningful therapeutic effects. Up to 90% patients of many symptoms like tiredness, weakness, pain, stomach pain, back pain, headache, dizziness, insomnia, vertigo, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, hypotension, coughing, difficult breathing, cold hands, cold feet, cold the stomach will be recovered after a day or a week. On helping people on heath, I do not take the fee if I do not help them feel better/recovered/totally healed.
v   The Qigong exercises describe in my other articles. All can try it. I just combine and explain general knowledge, simple exercises, nutrition, and alternative therapies on the eye of medical science. It is so simple that all can try or test it.  It is so obvious that the Ph.D., doctors and scientists have to admit it. Best of all, in treating the chronic symptoms, the experienced patients can treat as well as modern doctors. Learning more, they can do better. The results have not come from they are smarter, but they are awakened to the basic, simple knowledge. Experiences make them awake to the core of healing, mechanism of illness, of chronic illnesses.
v    Forgotten chronic diseases make patients tend to overreact to the changing of environment. Like the kind of health problems change with time of the day, time of the month, time of the years. Seasonal diseases.  The profound disturbing mortality rate of Covid-19, a kind of flu, a kind of cold, mainly come from complication in the lungs. They have too weak lungs, or lungs with the blood vessels have a lot of problems. Cardiovascular disease is the diseases with the vessels have a lot of problems. It has a link to the health of the lungs. Of the tiny vessels in the lungs. The giant square of blood vessels surfaces that magically exchange the air will be impaired in patients of cardiovascular diseases.
E.  Systemic effects, the organs are interdependent
If the body has hundreds of Km blood vessel, the main part of the body's vessels are in the lungs, then the stomach. Medication cause systemic effects, on the whole, body, describe in effects and side   effects in the drug leaflets.
NOTE: side effects are the effects that we do not want, but it really exists. We want some effects on other organs, but also we have to bear the effects on other organs that we may not welcome.
The lungs take oxygen for the body, but the health of the lungs are interdependent to the health of other important organs and the whole body. Relaxed deep breathing makes the lungs healthier and equipped well oxygen for the whole body. Scientists and researchers do find out that the great benefit of deep breathing - a kind of exercise in Yoga, meditation and Qigong.
During practicing, when practitioners have relaxed, long deep breaths, they can have the hand warm, feel much healthier, and soothen the pain in the muscle and the lungs.
The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutethas today decided to award the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly to William G. Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe and Gregg L. Semenza:
"for their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability"
F.         How can we know if someone has deep breathing: just count that in one minute, how many breaths that they take.
One a simple way to have relaxed deep breathing is:
1. Just try to breath out via mouth or nose gently and slowly and as long as possible, when breathing out, we can pronounce small voice of OOOO or UUU or hahahahaha. By having this small sound, practitioners can have the breathing out longer 2-5 seconds than the breath without small sound. This can make the breath longer, deeper but the practitioners are not tired and do not have to try hard.
2. Do not try to breathe in, just breathe in normally.
By practicing this, practitioners can have only 6 to   12 breaths in a minute. While the patients of asthma usually have 20 - 40 breaths per minute. The shorter the breath, the weaker they are. The shorter of the breath can make patients have more chest pain.

Series of Self-healing for chronic diseases from applying Papaya leaf juice, baking soda, aspirin, sugar, temperature, Vietnamese Qi Gong, breathing, exercise, metabolism, and traditional medicine
Van Duy Dao – Trainer, Author of Awaken You Wonderful We.

Self-healing cough, asthma, COPD, difficult breathing and helping treat Covid-19.

My review articles that may help you understand better the steps- of removing trigger points on the whole body retrieved from my bookAwaken You Wonderful We:

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3.   AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE: How do we create heaven on earth? The secret of the one - page table reveals the real causes of most phenomena, physical problems, mental problems, and social problems: Talent - Outliers - Belief system - Natural learning - Autism - ADHD - Stress - Meditation - Depression - Fibromyalgia - Pain management - Natural healing - Self-healing - Metabolic disorders, and Autoimmune diseases. Van D. Dao (2017). 

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