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Friday, May 1, 2020

Becareful ascension symptoms, localized and temporary hypoglycemia, hypotension.

Becareful forgotten health problems.

Becareful with these easily treated symptoms, accumulate of it can create illnesses: localized hypotension and localized temporary hypoglycemia accumulated overtime and untreated will become chronic and systemic illness.
Diabetic is an example of this. Diabetic patients have high glucose level in the blood vessels but low in the cells, organs. Injection of insulin can only help to transfer glucose from vessels to the cells and organs. Patients suffer diabetic for years can have many other diseases and organs failured.
What if Cardiovascular diseases are just mainly vascular diseases. Billions on cells and tissues connect and exchange its substances via the vessels. On the other hands, tiny tiny vessels are the basic structures of organs like lungs, intestine, kidneys, liver, ... The trigger points can prevent the circilation of the substances in the blood.

FORGOTTEN STRESS Stress cause insomnia Stress makes poor learning Stress make poor eating Stress makes we act unusually Stress reduces sexing Stress can break school and family. And Maybe Autism, ADHD, depression, and suicide have the key of helping lies in the mechanism of medicine, lifestyle, love, anti-depression medicine, good communities, a good act, kind works; all have the same mechanism of creating happy hormones in the body: serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. Health comes from balancing. 

 REDEFINE OF STRESS The right definition of stress: human beings have basic human needs described by Abraham Maslow. Anything threatens of satisfying these needs will lead to Fight and Flight responses. If people cannot change the situation, threaten, they will be the victims of STRESS AND STRESS HORMONES. You will easily find the keys to all social phenomena in: "Awaken You Wonderful We" if you are familiar with the books of Malcolm Gladwell: Outlier, David and Goliath and Blink. These books give me a lot of question to ponder and find out the good answer by combining medicine, pharmacy, sociology, leadership, psychology, philosophy and religions. 
PARETO IN HEALTH/MEDICINE: Remember when working with the MIND: irrational mind, the giant brain evolved for millions of years, illogical mind and Placebo effects, Neuro-plasticity, Mirror neurons, self affirmation, self-talk, nocebo effects, T1/2 of all substances, taboos, rituals, religious belief, compound effects, CONDITIONED RESPONSES, and MAGICAL ADAPTABILITY, ILLUSIVE MIND, Self healing/destroying, IRRATIONAL THINKING, Subliminal message, Marketing of luxury brand, and Hysteria: what do we feed the mind of beings everyday? AND what if all of these lead to negativity or positivity? Maybe Outliers or Failures! 
Feedback: Wow! I find your posts amazing and very interesting. For years I’ve thought my son, who is 31, was on the autistic spectrum because he doesn’t get on with others too well, you know he picks and chooses who he wants to be close to and there are times he likes being alone. He works as a motorcycle instructor and is very happy. After reading your stuff, I know now that he is just selective in his life. Thank u for helping me out. are a passionate person for this cause. It is my understanding that because of our innate entanglement it is better for me to see each person as they are in God's light; not as defined by culture or society. Clearly labels are a part of what you do. This goes against my beliefs. I believe we are each meant to share our love in our own unique way and these people are not really different than anyone else...they are capable of being quite creative when it comes to sharing love yet our cultures would prefer to categorize them to fit ours. Thank You Duy. I am happy there are more people who know we are all humans and we can all heal. As you might have read, I already healed part of my 'autism' �� And still integrating more towards oneness with all of myself and with all that is. I am so thankful for this experience and happy to share this with the world. Because I have been there I can show the world it is possible!! And yes, I'm into meditation, healing, energy work. Many experiences of Oneness/Dao /Source... We all are one... thank you for your offer, and your message, You also are doing great work for humankind! Love, Els

Developed countries

Life is art, Life is simple, do not make it complicated. Spirit can never measured by material. Try to logical it, we will hit paradoxical world. Like paradoxical of Socrates. Like emptiness and egolessness when wek try to find what life is. Like the way in Taosim. Best of all, roots of all religions is love, kindness, compassion, virtues and principles. How do we know we are on the right way? Check the greed. Check the anger. If they have these, all words are cheatings. These come from Ingnorance. 8 Noble paths. When we on the right way: we will free from greed, anger and ignorance. Then we can sense inner peace, peace of mind on a chaos life. Reach enlightenment, awaken with knowing nothing. Live with mindfulness. Peace in eating Peace in giving Peace in taking Peace in spending This life is touching, moved, inspired. They are our real friends, called Gods or great men in the history. To the healers: we are only repair the different fruits of same roots. Buddha taught: greed, anger and ignorance are the roots of all suffering.  I just have feeling that: autism, adhd, depression, stroke, addcition, violence, gunfire.... are the different names of suffering. Naming to know it, Not naming to seperate it as an seperation entity. You can never find real cause You can never find concrete cause. Because: the world have characters changing, and interdependent, nothing stay the same: we have Planck time. All we live under the hologram. Our 5 senses are too small, too little, too illusive to know what the world is. Just breathing, feel the breathing, 
By finding and removing trigger points in the lungs we can help to treat 2019-nCov, Corona, flu, flu A, cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonitis, COPD, chest pain, difficulty breathing, tonsillitis, rhinitis, lungs, flu complication. Continue doing these, we can help all Covid 19 patients recover from Coronavirus complication after discharging.
Keys is in flu, Keto flu, seasonal flu (too weak to have the health follow the change of weather). Fat men on Keto diet may have symtoms like the flu, it is not caused by virus, but by the cells and organs hunger for the energy from glucose and the body not yet adapt to digest lipid for energy. All of these symptoms of flu like symptoms of Keto diet can be removed immediately with a glass of sugar or sweet milk.
Immune system, forgotten health problems, self healing, simple nutriotion and simple Qigong excercise, Qigong breathing to boost the health and sefl removing forgotten trigger points.
From the epidemiology of COVID-19, most fatal cases have many other chronic health problems like problems in cardiovascular. If they have cardio problems and vascular problems, I see the health of the heart has an impact on the health of the lungs.
Do covid-19, coronavirus, flu virus reveal that too many people have forgotten, untreated problems in systemic cardiovasculars? 
Some of its drugs caused Coughing because the lungs contain lots of veins! Test by slightly punching/clapping on the back.
The lungs also have lots of veins, tiny veins, which are the basic structure of the lungs - the proof is a kind of drug for high blood pressure treatment has impacts on veins have side effects is coughing. It means that the patients who have cardiovascular diseases also have lung problems. By clapping or punching, we can find it out.
Why not think of boosting the immune and using simple alternative healing instead of pouring lots of money finding treatment for untreated diseases caused by virus? 
The cases of re-affirmed positive after recovering of treatment Covid 19 makes me doubt if there is effective vaccine for Covid 19.
Clapping removes trigger points in the lungs, removing the stiffness or rigidity of the vessels, cells in the lungs. Make blood circulate well in the lungs which helps the white blood cells to kill bacteria better. On the other hand, when the lungs are clear, it can take more oxygen and make people feel better, and stop the difficult breathings.
Cough is the body reflex when having some problems or stuck in the lungs, the body tries to throw it out by coughing. Punching on the back makes them have great relief. We may call stuck, dust, phlegms, constriction of vessels in the lungs as trigger points.
If there are too many trigger points in the lungs, patients will feel healthier in the chest, and difficult breathing. Punching by hands, clubs or rubber hammer quickly and slightly and not create pain, will make the lungs clear, it will make the lungs vibrate to loosen the trigger points and remove it. It makes lung cells healthier and recovers better and facilitates the blood cells to kills the virus.
Ask others to do it, or if not, can self do it. It is like a massage for lungs, very safe. And much more effective, much more simple than postural drainage. This is why all can do it, test it and feel the results immediately.
The cause of death by COVID -19 comes from difficult breathing, which reduces substantially oxygen saturation. 
To know the effective for COVID patients, we can try it on people have chronic lung problems which can have acute difficult breathing like asthma, COPD, bronchitis, chronic cough or acute cough.
Aim of all therapies should make blood pressure at 120 -130 /80/75 or around it. And the glycemia at 6.0 when hunger and 70 - 9.0 when full. Warm hands, feet, and no trigger points in the body. Right eating, exercise and Qigong make body sweating and warm body. By clapping, we can remove all trigger points in the body. When clap or slight punch on the body, we can feel the trigger points because of strange feelings of pain, numbness. Do it until you feel roughness or normal feelings. 
We can use a blanket or a towel to cover the upper back, ask patients to lie down, then we clapping, or punching on the back. Right punching/clapping makes patients feel better, calmer, and do not make the pain more or the skin become red.
Boost the lungs. to the illness caused by the virus, there is no medicine. But the health of the individuals makes a great difference. There is no medicine for these diseases. But right eating and exercise is the best advice for all. This is an exercise for lungs & removing trigger points
We can use hands or rubber hammer to punch or clap on the back. You may feel like this is similar to postural drainage. No, this is better. The postural drainage technique makes patients feel lots of roughness on the back but does not make the lungs vibrate much. Punching on the back makes the whole lungs vibrate, this will make patients breathe easier. Do this in the right degree can be seen as a massage for the lungs to boost the health of the lungs.
To know how much the vibration of the vessels and cells in the lungs, just quickly punching on the table, and see the vibrations of dust and objects on the table. If we can punch with a quick rhythm, we can make the lungs vibrate most with the little effort. The more we do for patients, the better the patients feel.
On the other hand, removing trigger points in the lungs can boost the health of the lungs, supply well oxygens for all important organs and the whole body in critical situations.
Quickly and slightly punch on the back under which there are the lungs, if there are places that the patients feel hurt, pain, breathlessness, causing the coughing or feel comfortable these are the trigger points which can make the lungs ill or pneumonitis. The trigger points I usually find are on the bottom of the lungs. We can remove these trigger points in the lungs by continuous punching on the lungs and the bottom of the lungs, which are the site of trigger points, for about 10 to 30 minutes each time. By asking the feeling of the patients and the sound during punching on the back we can know whether or not the trigger points have been removed?
We can use a blanket or a towel to cover the upper back, ask patients to lie down, then we clapping, or punching on the back. Right punching/clapping makes patients feel better, calmer, and do not make the pain more or the skin become red.
Combining with the other techniques I described in my articles, "The Cause and Possible Cure for Cancer and Chronic Diseases from Applying Papaya Leaf Juice, Baking Soda, Aspirin, Sugar, Temperature, Vietnamese Qi Gong Breathing, Exercise, Metabolism, and Traditional Medicine" "Removing trigger points and balancing metabolic reactions are the keys to fatigue, nerve pain, chronic illness, diabetes, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s diseases, vestibular disorder, and neurodegenerative diseases", we can remove all the trigger points in the body, in other words, we can heal most chronic diseases in a short time.
Time to think: Virus, fear and worry, makes people self-reduce from greeds to basic needs. The earth become much cleaner. Needs: just small space, quiet, simple eating, enjoy healthy!
Humans are just creatures with a set conditioned belief system (paradigms). Then we may fight, try, sacrified to protect it. Old men said: be careful, not easily being treated to become dummy wise, brave men!!!!
Life is art, Life is simple, do not make it complicated. 
Spirit can never measured by material. 
Try to logical it, we will hit paradoxical world. Like paradoxical of Socrates. Like emptiness and egolessness when we try to find what life is. Like the way in Taosim. 
Best of all, roots of all religions is love, kindness, compassion, virtues and principles. How do we know we are on the right way? Check the greed. Check the anger. If they have these, all words are cheatings. 
These come from Ingnorance. 8 Noble paths. When we on the right way: we will free from greed, anger and ignorance. Then we can sense inner peace, peace of mind on a chaos life. Reach enlightenment, awaken with knowing nothing. Live with mindfulness. Peace in eating Peace in giving Peace in taking Peace in spending This life is touching, moved, inspired. They are our real friends, called Gods or great men in the history. To the healers: we are only repair the different fruits of same roots. Buddha taught: greed, anger and ignorance are the roots of all suffering.  I just have feeling that: autism, adhd, depression, stroke, addcition, violence, gunfire.... are the different names of suffering. Naming to know it, Not naming to seperate it as an seperation entity. You can never find real cause You can never find concrete cause. Because: the world have characters changing, and interdependent, nothing stay the same: we have Planck time. All we live under the hologram. Our 5 senses are too small, too little, too illusive to know what the world is. Just breathing, feel the breathing, calm the mind, feel the body, watch the thought, contemplate on things: we will find, life is miracle. Try to find the roots: then repair it. We will find it is astonishingly simple and astonishingly effective. This is the Tao This is the way of great men. They find earth is heaven! We are live on heavenly earth. Scientist can never find any place like earth in the distance of millions of light-year. . . . We will fail, if we help and still have full of Greed, Anger and Ignorance! No matter how Rich, Wealthy, Success, powerful we are, we may still suffer lots of these signs. We may still suffer if we still the slave of greed. Greedy men have hundred wants a day, the will not be satisfied with half of that wants, it means they will anger, or not happy, in other words, they may still suffer stress in Abundance living. It is the mind, not the conditioned of living It is the combination of all senses make the eating, living, enjoying or suffering that we may not notice, but it still controls us unconsciously. Ex: will you pay $1000 for hearing a song played by a great violist in the subway? Will you pay $1000 for a delicious meal served on the dirty street sidewalk? Will you enjoy food in the restaurant in five star hotel when you know your kid ill or in danger? Why you need all hundred factors to enjoy a delicious meal in the five-star hotel..

The world, god, you, we and our problems!

We are same but coded differently with Greed, anger, and ignorance. Ego is the by-product, then name, skills, and belief. Here some of weird, stupid ideas to break the rules to find the useful solution.
Skills are learned, not born. Speaking any language is a skill also. So lack of/poor speaking in autism, ADHD is born with fix/changeable genes or caused by environment?
In the interdependent changing world, What if defects in genes, brain in autism, ADHD, problems are the by-products/symptoms, not the cause of problems?
Interdependent changing world, What if defects in genes, brain in autism, ADHD, are the symptoms? Do gods, gender equality, depression, suicide has the relation? 
What do you think if half of the ideas, prejudice, opinions in Holly Book about human origin, the formation of the earth, gender equality are wrong? What makes them say this? (All are just like fairytales)
Evolve of nature create animals and we, evolve enough human beings have thought. And human being has some basic needs for animals' needs. We use animal needs to tame animals, so they do to human beings.
Miracle nature evolves for billions of years. Coded characters to take all credits of Miracle nature. The vibration you have is the vibration of nature, not Gods. Gods appear recently was the coded character who take all credit for nature. Then they can kill, do evils, inequality for the God sake with less resistance.
Violate religious ritual or doubt God if you are Christian will create fear, hysterical responses same as you try another funeral ritual, eastern wedding, eat dog meat; catmeat, or pork ( Islam) beef (Hinduism)
Your name is not your name: you may have a different name if your parents liked another name, your language is the product of environment with billions of phenomena create that. Your ritual, habits, voice is unconsciously affected by environment...

Monday, September 9, 2019

AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE ebook is free From Monday, September 9, 2019, 12:00 AM PDT to Wednesday, September 11, 2019

AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE: One-page table reveals all the real causes of phenomena and problems: Ability - ADHD, Autism - Depression - Belief system - Gut feelings - Learning -Talent. "From Monday, September 9, 2019, 12:00 AM PDT to Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Awaken You Wonderful We: How Do We Create Heaven on Earth? by Van Duy Dao

Kindly send you my book.
From the author: "It is great when we can master ourselves and our lives. This will be the mark of the day that together we can help more. Awaken parents, wonderful kids. Awaken teachers, wonderful students. Awaken leaders, wonderful citizens.
"Dear specialists, scientists, we know autism, talent, ADHD, outliers are caused by continuous processes, not a single factor. In the changing world, why is Autism so fixed that we dare not to think of curing/ treatment/healing?"
Adedayo Adewunmi-Missa This book sounds like a treasure trove of knowledge about alternative medicine and other health related concerns. Congrats to the author on BOTD!
Agnes Masobeng Thank you for a free copy, and congratulations on BOTD. I think the book is extremely helpful now that it talks about alternative medicines.
Agustina Tamini This book does not sound like my cup of tea. I am not interested in alternative or holistic medicine, but at least it does seem wellresearched
Ajani As "Those who are interested to know more on the Eastern philosophy, traditional medicines, and healing techniques should start sinking their teeth on this book"-OBC review. I do not usually read non fiction, but the book sounds informative for those who are interested in these topics. Congrats to the author on the 3/4 OBC rating. Thanks for making the book free.
Alixandra Bishop I've always been a fan of eastern medicine. Can't wait to read. Congrats on botd!
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Amber Etheridge I would have normally passed this book as I'm not usually into philosophical and religious books, but the sample I read has caught my attention. I most definitely will have to check this book out. Congrats on BOTD!
Amelia Rose G-ski I don’t like that this book seems to paint ADHD and autism as ills that need to be “solved” rather than different ways of being that require adaptation and adjustment. I do like eastern philosophy though.
Amy Reddig This book is a wonderful alternative to medication without the harmful side effects. Congrats on being the BOTD.
Ẩn hoặc báo cáo bình luận này
Andre Kyalo I like the inclusion of the philosophies, healing techniques, and traditions of different cultures across the world. I look forward to reading it. Congrats to the author for BOTD!
Andrea Fernández I'm very much open to the idea of incorporating "alternative" methods and different philosophies to treat disease or as a preventive measure to keep health. I think it's very empowering for us to have information beyond what our mainstream culture says…Xem thêm
Andrew Kyalo I like that there are discussions on healing techniques and ways to achieve permanency in good health. Congrats to the author for BOTD!
Annett Ritter Because I am very much into alternative medicine I am going to try and give this book a read. I do have a hard time with a lot of errors, however, so hopefully, those are fixed.
Annie Clark I am going to have an open mind on this one. After reading the review, it did not click for me. I am sure this book is what the reviewer says it is, Congratulations to the author for being BOTD.
Arodola Olayide Oladoyinbo "Awaken you wonderful we: How do we create heaven on earth? The secret of one page table reveal all the real causes of all phe" by Van Duy Dao seems like an interesting book for lovers of this genre. I am not a fan of controversial issues about religion, so, I think I will pass on this one.
Barbara Ryan I like to consider myself to be relatively well educated. I'm aware of the four chemicals that our bodies create for happuness. I've used some of these techniques dealing with chronic pain. They work in conjunction with medications to provide sone reli…Xem thêm
Bella Hough *eastern medicine!
Bella Hough Philosophy centered on western medicine is certainly interesting subject matter, but after reading the review and the sample this one simply isn't for me, especially with the addition of the syntax and grammatical errors. Nonetheless, congrats to the author on BOTD.
Bitok Chepkemei This may not be my typical book, but there's no harm in learning new stuff. I look forward to understanding more about the Eastern practices. Thanks for the review.
Bobandpriscilla Allen I do believe in some alternative medicine, so I would probably enjoy reading this book.
Brenda Creech I really like the books title! I am going to give this one a try because I am trying to find natural supplements that would get me off these killer prescription meds I am on! I'm very interested in reading about Eastern medicine too. Congratulations On Book some more
Brittani Diana Even though the English translation of this book is not well done, the ideas and quotes and things to learn from it are worth reading.
Busisiwe MakhanyaDescription: Thank you for the book, I am very curious about the comparison between Christianity and Islam.
Ca Ar Covering a wide variety of topics, from Eastern medicine to strange habits from around the world, it sounds like this book may be a treasure trove of interesting ideas, stories, and anecdotes.
Carolin Zeroni A non-fiction book revolving around Eastern philosophy, traditional medicines, and alternatives medicines sounds like a good read for fans of the genre. The author claims that all phenomena and health problems sources from one common cause, supports his claims with scientific research and gives health tips. I got a copy. Thank you for making it free and good luck!
Catherine Amarachi Okechi The review was great but unfortunately I'm not a fan of this genre of literature.
Catherine-Kay Butler Although I do enjoy this author's content on alternative health and philosophy, the mention of "our gods" and negativity towards Jesus turned me off. There were too many English and grammatical errors for me to read too far into the book. I hope better editing can be done.
Cecilia Lynne A book teaching Eastern philosophy is not my cup of tea, but congrats on BOTD!
Charles Jackson Yikes that's a REALLY long Amazon description, and it really needs to be edited... I'm interested in what's in the book itself, but if the writing is anything like the Amazon description, I'm out. Congrats on BOTD and thanks for the free book though, the rating of 3 out of 4 stars from OBC is promising :D
Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha An interesting nonfiction book about preventing autism, ADHD and PTSD by controlling events around us and our response to them. I definitely want to read this book. Congrats on BOTD!
Chinyere Ejiogu I am intrigued by the use of traditional healing and medicine. I guess the book has a lot of information to pass to its readers .
Chris Prueher This one appears to take on the daunting task of solving a lot of afflictions that humanity suffers by way of mental malady. It would seem that this contains a lot of deep thinking and problem solving to give way for a healthier way of living.
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Christine Gerler Given all the complex topics, it would be beneficial for the "Table of Contents" to be in the front, not in the back. I look forward to delving into this deep, thought-provoking book. I got my #free copy, thank you. Congratulations on #BOTD!
Cindy Roldan Good review. This book seems to have picked my curiosity just because I would love to see what the author says about traditional medicines and techniques. I’m pretty open to see what others views are on religion even though it doesn’t sway my faith. I’ll add this to my books to read.
Coffey ReviewsDescription: This book is not for me, but it sounds intellectual. The review said it is well researched, which is very important for these topics. I appreciate all the hard work put into this book. Congrats on #BOTD
Cossondra Dunn Howard This is a very interesting look at our inner selves. Thank you for the free book, and Congrats on #BOTD!
Cristina Chifane All the editing errors lead to major problems of coherence and cohesion, making the book impossible to read. Honestly, I don't think anybody could ever reach any level of spiritual awakening by reading this book.
Crystal Cundall This book starts out very interesting. I have an emergency medical background and found the information very accurate and thorough. I wanted to read more to see where it would lead. The review is interesting as the person is a believer in Allah and …Xem thêm
Deborah Fiedler Congrats on BOTD!!! This sounds like a beautifully written book about alternative medicine with practical advice and flourishes!Description: 🙂
Eglė Baltrūnaitė The weird traditions and strange habits from around the world sounds very appealing to me. I'd probably skip the parts related to the religion though.
Ekta Kumari An insightful read covering a wide range of topics about different phenomenon of mind and body. Also details on alternative medicine for health issues. I like how the author has referenced a number of scientific research and studies to add credibility to the book. Congratulations to the author on today's BOTD!
El Sereen I would love to read the book for the aspect that explains how to utilize money spending and health issues tackling strategies, and nothing more.
Elaine Moraa Omwango As a person who's very interested in mental health and natural remedies, I think I'll enjoy this. I'm looking forward to picking it up, just hope it doesn't read too much like a lecture. Congrats on BOTD!
Elena Spirkovska Awaken you wonderful we: How do we create heaven on earth? sounds like a very interesting read. Congrats on BOTD.
Elizabeth Pass This book sounds very dense. I appreciate how thorough the author was in regards to research and citations, but sometimes the point one is trying to make can get lost in the fact-sharing. Also, I'm not currently interested in reading about medicine.
Elle Gatillo Intriguing! The author outlined some of the questions I also have for myself. I wonder how he answred those in the book. I'm looking forward to read his opinion on it. Congratulations to the author on #BOTD!
Ferdinand Otieno This is a non-fiction book that tackles medical diseases and diagnoses possible prescriptions. It tackles autism, depression and suggests meditation. The book is temporarily free on Amazon Kindle and has a well-written OnlineBookClub review. Congrats @duyvan64 on the BOTD.
Frank Q. Aurillo Jr. This is an amazing book. It approaches a realm that perhaps may not agree with traditional thinking especially in the area of health and well-being. It explains the validity of natural medicines and process of healing that are the exact opposite of modern pharmacology. The advocacy of Big Pharma on this point begins to unravel. Congratulations
Fu Zaila I don't think autism is a disease that needs special attention. There are so many autistic individuals who've been successful and are living among us without our knowledge. However, I would be sampling the book to see how the author tackles the topics of healing and awakening.
Gwen Arwa Alternative treatment for different ailments is surely an interesting read. Congratulations on BOTD
Hansen Adcock This sounds like a good book to learn about Eastern medicine from. The only thing that rankles is, things like autism and ADHD aren’t diseases, and some people with those conditions don’t actually want to be “healed” or looked upon as if they are victims of disease. In any case, I will see what the book has to say. Congrats on BOTD.
Heather Richards Interesting book for people who like Eastern medicine.
Hiruni Bhagya This looks like a great book. Alternative ways to manage chronic illnesses will be helpful to many individuals. I'll definitely be reading this book.
Hoa NguyenDescription: Cecilia Lynne what if it is the combination of Western and Eastern philosophy? We write based on education, leadership, personal development, medication, science and philosophy.
Hoa NguyenDescription: Elizabeth Pass it is about education and philosophy also
Hoa NguyenDescription: Julius Otieno what if it is the combination of Western and Eastern philosophy? We write based on education, leadership, personal development, medication, science and philosophy.
Hoa NguyenDescription: Savanna Gill much more simpler than you think. We will explain you the simple cure for most of chronic pain in near future
Hoa NguyenDescription: Savanna Gill what if some kinds of headache come from stiffness in shoulder muscle or from low blood pressure? What your medication can help? How to remove these headache?
Howard Jones I think this book will appeal to a lot of readers who are interested in Eastern philosophy and medicine. I would be curious to know more about the telepathy experiments. Thanks!
Ianne Deligero The way the author did the research for this book is amazing. I want to read it not just because of the information that I will surely be able to learn and use but how the author did a magnificent work on writing this book.
Jackie Harris Overmyer This book introduces and explains Eastern medicinal practices and religious views. It sounds interesting to me. Congratulations to the author for being chosen as BOTD.
Jamie Lynn This isn't a book I could get into but I know a few people who would. I'm a fantasy horror reader and tear up when the characters in the books I read die or are harmed... I would absolutely be devastated to read about what they did back in the day to people and even animals. Congrats on BOTD!
Janalyn Prude I think this is a great book, but I think it would have been more palatable had it been shorter. Most people seeking this kind of knowledge will be happy to read a 15 hour book. I do appreciate the index/table of contents though. It made it easier to find the parts I was interested in. Congratulations on BOTD!
Japanime Sekai Sounds like this book covers a lot of information. I’m intrigued by the traditional healing and medicine.
Jeconiah Omolo I like it that this book tackles the most popular health problems, causes, symptoms, and recommendations. These are some of the contemporary topics anybody would be interested to know about. I won't care about it's length due to my curiosity to know about the topics. Thanks for the free copy.
Jesse Presgraves It is so interesting to see a perspective other than a Christian background from a review. Based on the title of the book, I was already uninterested and the review didn't make me feel like I had to read this book, despite a 3 star rating. I will probably pass as it doesn't sound like it's for me.
Jolly Per I really like topics that has something to do with alternative and holistic treatments and prevention methods to achieve optimal health. Although I am not sure if this book os for me. This could be overwhelming based on the OBC official review. Thank you though.
Julia Scher This sounds like an interesting way to merge religion and medicine. Congrats on botd!
Julie Ancone PetitBon It sounds like the author has vast knowledge on eastern philosophy and medicine. This is a topic that I am interested in exploring. Congrats on BOTD!
Julie Julehart This book sounds interesting. It’s a self-help book about dealing with different diseases with alternative methods, such as Eastern philosophy. This is a valuable book for people that are looking for other means of treatment than just popular medications. Congratulations on BOTD. Great job.
Julie Wozniak This book talks about different philosophies and treatment of illnesses. I want to read it to do a comparative analysis of different treatments of certain illnesses.
Julius Otieno Honestly, the title of this book is a coplete turn-off. So the author couldnt find anything shorter? I appriciate the free book but no thanks, i wont read it. Anyway congrats for the #BOTD
Kajori Sheryl Paul This seems like a deep book dealing with philosophical aspects.

Congratulations to the author.
Kelsey Whalen This sounds like a fascinating read! I am interested in Eastern medicine and holistic approaches, so this appeals to me. However, I find it hard to get past the grammar and syntax errors. Hopefully these get fixed so the book can enjoy its full potential. Congratulations on BOTD!
Kibet Hillary Congratulations to the author on BOTD and thanks for the free copy of the book as well. I have added this to my list of books to be read.
Kimberly Hays Grow While I am intrigued by Eastern medicine and philosophy, this book is not for me. I do thank you for the free copy and Congratulations on being chosen as BOTD!
Kister Bless Awaken you wonderful we: How do we create heaven on earth? The secret of one page table reveal all the real causes of all phe by Van Duy Dao sounds like one of those books a reader can not overlook especially the fact that the book tackles the most popular health problems, causes, symptoms, and recommendations. I will love to read it. Congratulations on the BOTD.
Kristy Khem This book provides readers with alternative healing methods for autism and other diseases, as well as provides discussions on philosophy. This book may offer a different approach to understanding life and people. Best wishes to the author. I hope that the message reaches the wider society and helps many individuals.
Laura Ungureanu A book about alternative healing techniques sounds interesting. We have a lot to learn from the Eastern medicine.
Linda Buzard-Moffitt Congrats #Free #BOTD #KU #Meditation 
Are #Autism, #Depression, #Obesity, #ADHD, #PoorLearning, #Stress, #Seizures, #Drugs, #Violence & #PTSD Created by a Stoppable process? The Problems Grow from Small to Impossible Sense them when they're Small & Stop them Before they're Impossible.
Lindsey Klaus I love Eastern philosophy. While I don't always agree with "alternative medicine", I do find it an interesting topic, especially with my forays into Chinese mythology and philosophy. I'll have to give this a look.
Lisa Allen Rayburn I enjoy learning about alternative medicines so I appreciate that the author goes into them. It's unfortunate that the book contains so many errors. I think these would be too distracting for me, so I will pass. Congrats on BOTD though!
Lois Henderson Interesting read for anyone interested in alternative medicine, but extremely offputting because of the multiple errors present.
Lorraine De Vos This book starts off with a note to all parents and how they must focus on allowing their children to learn naturally. Children learn to speak, walk and play naturally and they should do so without fear or stress. I can see the relevance of this letter, as I too believe fear and stress causes long term damage to our fragile bodies and minds.
Lsaac Onoka This book seems to be a great book for alternative medication and healing techniques other than the convectional medication. I like the fact that it is well-researched too. Congrats to the #author on the #BOTD!
Ma Dolores Casquejo Martus Awaken You Wonderful We by Van Duy Dao is a nonfiction book that displays all the elements to prove that the world is a giant hologram of interdependent phenomena. It tackles the most popular health problems, causes, symptoms, and recommendations. Whil…Xem thêm
Maduagwu Anthony Uchechukwu This book is awesome. I admire that fact that book talks about healing techniques for most popular health problems, their symptoms, and traditional medicine. The book is informative.
Manang Muyang Thanks for the free copy. The sample went over my head, though. Maybe the table of contents will give me perspective. Fifteen hours of continuous reading isn't too inviting; using the book as a reference might be the ideal way to appreciate it.
Margo Burskaja I am grateful for how well detailed the book is portrayed in review, but unfortunately I am still unconvinced that I would be able to enjoy this book. It is not only that I dislike read non-fiction, but medicine, philosophy and mental issues are not among my preferred topics as well.
Marinda Hatcher-Grindstaff This self help book sounds like it will help many but not my genre but grabbed a free copy and congratulations on being BOTD.
Marsha Parham PattersonDescription: Not for me
Mindy Anne This sounds like a book that offers a lot to its readers. I'd like to take a look at it and see what it is all about.
Misael S. Carlos It is refreshing to read nonfiction books from time to time, a break from fiction novels from different genres. This book seems to offer real stories and a lot of information well-researched and backed by facts. Congrats!
Monet van Antwerpen A self help book focusing on eastern philosophy, traditional medicines, and alternatives medicines sounds like an interesting new take on self help! Not my kind of book but seems like it's going to be a good one. Congrats on BOTD
Monica SzymonikDescription: I have a son with autism and I am a huge follower of Eastern Medicine. For those reasons, this book is for me!
Moushmi Radhanpara This books sounds just like the one which you would need in times of distress or someone who is seeking help from depression and emotional turmoil. However I am not much of a self-help reader so I shall pass. Congratulations and thank you.
Nadine ForsbergDescription: I love how this challenges modern beliefs about medicine. I think we should all read this.
Nameeta Renu The "we" in the title of this book immediately captured my attention. Sounds very interesting. Hope I'll be able to read it too. Thanks for the BOTD!
Nancy Horn Its always fascinating to see how an author views different subject's and then lays out for the reader, food for thought in a way that may resonate more then another might have. Thanks for the free download
and Congratulations on BOTD!
Nandanee L Maharaj This one seems to be an absolute goldmine so to speak,,,I can't wait to delve into the depths of this book
Nata Lie I am afraid such deep philosophy is beyond my measure. Call me dumb if you will, but I don't think it is necessary to search double meaning in every single little bit that added in total makes it life worth living. Congrats with reaching BOTD all the same!
Navya Pindi After reading the review, I wanted to know about the Eastern Philosophy, traditional medicine and healing techniques. It seems that the author has done a good research and great work in compiling all these things together. Congrats on BOTD!
Nerea Nesh I like that the information in the book is educational and we'll researched. I do read non-fiction books, but I'm not a fan of reading lengthy books. The book is not for me. This book is ideal for researchers or philosophers.
Nicky Agnew This book, "Awaken You Wonderful We: How Do We Create Heaven on Earth?" by Van Duy Dao is sounds like a self-help style and appears to really not be my cup of tea. However I will attempt a chapter or two just to keep an open mind, Congratulations on BOTD.
Nina Lobiladze Sounds like a very interesting and educational read. Eastern medicine and its traditions are so worth exploring.
Nisha Amanda Ward The grammar and syntax are a bit off for me but I think I might continue this. The bits about the chemicals that cause happiness caught my interest.
Nivi Gideon Very informative and educational for those who opt for natural remedies for physical ailments. The book is quite elaborate, but it does provide a number of sound quotes and advice for one's well being.
Noor S I enjoy reading these kinds of books, because people put their entire life philosophies into them. Everything is neatly packaged into a close-looped and perfectly formed system of "this is how the world works, and how it can get better." They make very…Xem thêm
Nuel Ukah This seems like a great guide to treating the root cause of various illnesses. I think it's worth reading.
Nyree Cabéan First thank you for the honest review.i am a person trying to live a more nature life, holistic healing versus modern medicine as much as I can. I'm just starting so I'm not completely switched over. I dont normally read books like this unless I'm rese…Xem thêm
Okafor Prosper I'm always up for reading health books. It seems like the book does a good job of explaining the use of alternative medicine and its advantages. I still think drugs have a role to play in health though.
Oyedeji OkikioluwaDescription: This book sound like one for open minded and mature heart. From the preview, I see the author explain the causes of sicknesses (problems) and alternative solutions that have over the time being proven. Great book to read.
Paulette Reefer Alternative treatments for different ailments not even considered lifestyle diseases is quite an interesting proposition. I look forward to reading this book.
Polina Donchuk I think this is one of those books that I've always wanted to read, even though I never really thought about it. It raises such important issues and I feel that everyone will benefit from reading this book. Congratulations to the author
Pooja Kapadia Seems like this one’s a knowledge trove about medicine and eastern philosophy. Congratulations on BOTD!

Raa Zez For sure, this one's not for me. How could religious things be dragged into a book which explores alternative medicines? Thanks for the free book and congrats on the BOTD though.
Rebeccah Githenya I like that the author has taken time to research and put together Eastern philosophy, traditional medicines, healing techniques, and the advantages of each. All these as remedies to popular health problems. With so many people seeking holistic remedies, this is a timely book.
Rissy Persaud New and refreshing perspectives
Robin SloneDescription: My son has Autism and ADHD. I have recently discovered I also have ADHD. I can't wait to see what this book has to offer in regards to these life altering issues. I'm also trying to sway away from prescriptions and am learning more about natural remedies, so that will be a bonus for me.
Rosina AlmavivaDescription: I really liked this book. It discusses some of the biggest problems of our society. Great reading. Congratulations!
Roxanne A D Marcano It's interesting when author's claims to have found or re-introduce alternative methods to treat diseases. I would like to know more about Eastern philosophy and Eastern Medicine and how it can be used to treat diseases such as autism and depression.
Ruba Abu Ali This is such a useful book for those interested in Eastern philosophy and Eastern Medicine. Congratulations on BOTD!
Ruslana Kats I'm not sure this book is for me but it does sound pretty interesting. It is very educational to read about Eastern philosophy, traditional medicines, healing techniques, and the advantages of using them. Besides it tells about the traditions and strange habits from around the world so it will definitely satisfy the tastes of lots of people. Congratulations on becoming BOTD!
Samantha Holtsclaw I think that if the subjects and information were narrowed down, then I would be interested in checking this book out.
Sambina Gamgee This book lists out all references in detail and with citations and website links. That is something that makes it credible to readers. The first chapter isn't too engaging, but the book picks up right after.
Sanju Lali Very useful Eastern philosophy book "Awaken you wonderful we: How do we create heaven on earth? The secret of one page table reveal all the real causes of all phe" by Van Duy Dao tries to prove that the world is a hologram of interdependent phenomena , and it introduces Eastern medicines and healing techniques to us.
Sara Sara The book sounds informative as it provides much knowledge about eastern medicines and meditation philosophy. It's good to see that the author put many aspects together. Congratulations on BOTD.
Sarah Salo Creeley I'm curious what the author has to say about healing these afflictions in the Eastern way. It sounds like quite a deep and well-researched book. Congrats on book of the day! Thanks for the free copy and good luck!
Savanna Gill The book seems to be very interesting, and is clearly a passion project of the author's that they worked very hard on. I like it more as a philosophy piece rather than a serious medical reference, however. The synopsis almost made it seem that seriou…Xem thêm
Scarlet NicollDescription: Interesting! Traditional medicines do have a better effect than the modern medicine, which leads from one problem to another, but this type of read doesn't interest me. Congratulations!
Sharmila Fernandes A non-fiction book on eastern philosophy and traditional medicines sound like a good guide. I feel modern medicines do more harm to your body. It's always good to have alternatives. Congratulations on BOTD.
Shea Bennett Beebe This is an interesting subject. I can certainly appreciate all the research necessary to present alternative medicine practices. Congratulations on BOTD!
Sherry Jibril This book doesn't capture my attention right now. I'm however glad that the author did a great job by giving a thorough explanation of each subject. I'm also glad that it was an enjoyable read for you. Great book
Shiela Neo Jung I think its nice that nowadays people are more open to alternative medicines rather than just relying on modern medicine. I like that the author did an intensive research to share to his readers so that they can have options.
Shilpa Paul Congratulations for BOTD. This book would be very helpful for people looking out for alternative way to heal without any side effects and not spending a bomb. I will definitely download this book for future reference. Thanks for making it available for free.
·         Shrabastee Tora Chakraborty This self-help book sounds like an extremely potent one with powerful messages to deliver. Congratson BOTD!
Silver Haron A book with good information about great ways we can master ourselves and our lives by applying a variety of philosophies, healing techniques, and traditions #Outliers #Depression #Health#Meditation
Skhumbuzo Neewat Luwattlyn Renetio The name of the book sounds like is based on spiritual matters (bringing the Immortals on earth) although it is very assential in the bases of improving health conditions.
Srividya Giri This seems like a book with deep philosophical ponderings combining Eastern mysticism and science.
Stephanie Elizabeth Wow what a long name for a book! A non-fiction book about relying on holistic approaches to healing and treating the root of the problem. Looks like an informative guide with lots of tips!
Stephanie Hoogstad I do not belong to any specific religious or spiritual practice, so I am open to learning about the practices of any culture. I'm especially interested in Eastern traditions such as Eastern philosophy and medicine. Honestly, I've been trying to cure so…Xem thêm
Sue Escritora "Awaken You Wonderful We: How Do We Create Heaven on Earth?" is a self-help book by Van Duy Dao about alternative ways to manage chronic illness. Congratulations on BOTD!!
Susmita Roy Awaken You Wonderful We by Van Duy Dao is really a wonderful book. Nowadays, we should understand that medication is not a permanent solution for any disease. Thanks for the free copy. Congratulations on #botd.
Swati Shah I applaud the author for courage in publishing his writings. It sounds well-researched and cited which I appreciate in nonfiction. But this isn’t my type of reading
Tammy Landgren I’m always suspicious when I see books that make bold claims like this, but I will check it out and see what it has to say.
Tara Tara Filled with well-researched theories of the world about how we learn and develop, today's #BOTD is a thought-provoking, complex read. It has the potential to challenge our own thoughts and "truths" about what we think are determining factors in many ofXem thêm
Theresa Moffitt Congratulations on BOTD this sounds like an interesting book addressing cures for various health concerns. The author provides a lot of detailed information
Tim Odwyer From a sampling, this seems like an interesting self-help book about alternatives in healing and medicine. Well done. Congrats!
Tim Terry I will be interested to read this as I am a great believer in alternative therapies and old medicine as well. Thanks for the download and congratulations on BOTD.
Tracy Tiffany I immediately distrust a book that espouses solving all ills. Don't think I will spend any time with this one.
Trina High Thanks for the freebie, but I dislike self-help books, ESPECIALLY tomes about alternative medicine and healing, so this one's a 'no' for me.
Tristen BackDescription: As a social work major in college, I definitely find this interesting. I'm curious to see what the author has to say and see what health tips are provided. Thank you!
Tunde Rotimi This sounds like a book that one should take your time in reading; it has deep subject that requires thought. I also like the idea of resorting to alternative treatments and prevention methods to achieve a better, healthy lifestyle.
Tuyet Mai I’m intrigued by the eastern philosophy and traditional healing techniques featured in this book. Thank you for the free copy and congrats on BOTD!
Verna Coy The historical inaccuracies in this book regarding Jesus pose a problem for me reading it, so I will likely pass on this.Congrats on the Book of the Day!
Vickie Noel This book sounds quite lengthy and doesn't seem to contain the type of medically inclined information I tend to read on good days. I would be skipping it. Congrats on BOTD, though.
Wael El-Manzalawy Mediation helps you to know more about yourself and the world.
Wendy BryerDescription: Eastern philosophy and techniques to replace modern medicine. Very insightful though not a book for me. Congrats on #BOTD!!
Yolimari García ‪This philosophical nonfiction book discusses conditions like depression, ADHD, obesity and gives alternative methods to treat these. I will pass. Good luck!


The hidden relation, clues of autism, ADHD and depression which reveals the cause and possible cure from Van Dao Duy
Explore alternative ways to manage chronic illness, especially with our children:

Tự chữa đau lưng, gầy, đầy bụng, ăn không tiêu

Ý nghĩa hơi thở đan điền, hơi thở sâu, hơi thở bụng dưới trong khí công và yoga, yoga cười: Để đạt được, cứ thở chậm, dài, đều qua miệng, có âm thanh thì sẽ giúp thực hành dễ dàng.

Hơi thở bụng, thở chậm qua miệng. Đây là lý do vì sao cười là thuốc bổ: quặn bụng. Giải thích nghịch lý tăng cân khi cai thuốc: vì sao ng hút thuốc lá gầy mà ko đói, thèm ăn, cai thuốc béo lên mà vẫn thèm ăn: ngừng thở bụng, cơ thể ít được hỗ trợ để lấy dự trữ ở ổ bụng ra. đường máu ko bị hạ quá, nên không thèm ăn, dù gầy, không yếu, ko bị hạ huyết áp/đường máu, ko bị run tay chân.

Thực tế, khoa học chứng minh, hay số liệu thống kê:

1. Người hút thuốc lá tỷ lệ bị parkinson ít hơn ng ko hút. Parkinson: yếu, run tay chân, giật rung tay, hành vi chính xác, cầm đũa kém.

2. Người bị hủi và người bị parkinson có nét tương đồng nhỏ về 1 nhóm gen.

Cách thực hành hơi thở khí công giúp thở sâu, êm, nhẹ và giúp dễ dàng đạt 3 - 5 hơi thở trong 1 phút ngay từ lần thực hành đầu tiên

Stress do 3 hormones gây ra, stress là tâm lý, đến từ nhu cầu, hành vi, môi trường, lối sống, do tham, sân, si.

Khi vui có hormones của hạnh phúc trong não, khi stress, toàn cơ thể phủ đầy hormones: adrenalin, noradrenlin, cortisol. Các hormones này quan trọng với cơ thể, cần lượng vừa đủ, do tuyến thượng thận tiết ra là chính. Điều chỉnh các chất trong cơ thể.

Khi cáu giận, sợ hãi, hay stress, cơ thể luôn ở sẵn sàng trạng thái: CHIẾN, BIẾN VÀ THỜ Ơ: Fight or flight, inddifference. Chiến là đánh, giận hay đánh lộn. Biến là trốn chạy. Thờ ơ với mọi thứ xung quanh. Đó là bản năng sinh tồn của động vật khi gặp nguy hiểm, giúp tồn tại. Khi stress không học được. Khi stress, hành vi đầy bản năng, lý trí cảm xúc mất hết.

Khi cảm xúc giận lên cao, người ta có thể chiến/đánh chính người họ yêu quý. Cơn giận nguy hại. Cơ cứng, thở gấp, mặt đỏ gay.

Trong y họcAdrenalin gây: co cứng cơ cho chiến và biến, Vã mồ hôi lạnh, nôn và buồn nôn, da xanh tím tái, thở gấp, hụt hơi, chóng mặt, đau đầu, cảm giác lo âu, sợ hãi, tăng h.ap: gây đau đầu, nhìn mờ/hoa mắt, ù tai, lo âu, bấn loạn, tức ngực, loạn nhịp tim/trống ngực, động kinh hay co giật.

Noradrenalin: đau, nóng rát da, tê bì, yếu, cảm lạnh, nhịp tim chậm hay loạn nhịp, có vde thở, nghe, nhìn, nói và thăng bằng kém, môi tím xanh, móng tay tím, da nám/có đốm.

Td nhẹ của cortisol: trứng cá, da khô, da mỏng, bầm tím, rối loạn sắc tố da, mất ngủ, thay đổi cảm xúc/tâm trạng, tăng đổ mồ hôi (mồ hôi lạnh), đau đầu, chóng mặt, nôn và đau bụng.

Tác dụng phụ nặng của cortison: bệnh về mắt, tăng cân nhanh, thở ngắn, trầm cảm nặng hay hành vi bất thường, co giật/động kinh, phân có máu hay nhầy, triệu chứng của viêm tụy: đau bụng trên rồi lan ra sau lưng, buồn nôn, nôn, nhịp tim nhanh, hạ kali huyết, cơ cao h.ap ác tính nặng. Lãnh đạo trong công ty cần làm nhân viên an toàn để làm việc, chứ ko phải làm việc để an toàn, có vậy sáng tạo, cống hiến, đóng góp, đam mê mới khơi ra được. Tổ chức, lớp học, gia đình là vậy. Ngược với stress, cáu giận, sợ hãi, la hét, thu mình là sự ân cần, quan tâm, bình an, vui vẻ, cười đùa.

Bệnh mãn tính, ác tính rối loạn chuyển hóa kiểu 50kg mà tiểu đường...

  1. A new view of the real cause and real cure for diseases: The simple exercises help to warm the hands, self-reduce the pain and headache in just 10 minutes.
  2. Tự chữa bệnh không dùng thuốc: Góc nhìn mới về nguyên nhân chính và giải pháp hiệu quả cho bệnh tật.
  3. Cách vỗ bổ phổi giúp phòng và chữa cúm, Corona, COPD, hen, viêm phế quản, viêm phổi, ho, khó thở.
  4. Câu trả lời cho phổ tự kỷ, chậm nói, tăng động, hàm 4 biến, giúp bố mẹ thành chuyên gia can thiệp giúp con 24/7
  5. Finding and removing trigger points in the lungs to help to prevent and treat 2019-nCov, Covid-19, cold, asthma, coughing, COPD, and flu A
  6. The hidden relation, clues of autism, ADHD and depression which reveals the cause and possible cure

Chỉ với lọ dầu gió, ống hút và quả bóng rổ giúp tự chữa viêm xoang, ngạt mũi, bệnh hô hấp mãn tính, viêm đường hô hấp, bệnh phổi, ho, khò khè, khó thở, nhịp tim nhanh, ho có đờm đặc.

Link dùng bóng và dụng cụ

Chữa viêm mũi, xoang, phòng cảm, cho ho, hen, mũi, xoang, phòng cúm, phòng, hỗ trợ Covid. Có thể dùng dầu tràm nếu kích ứng. Dung dịch có thể linh hoạt: hành, tỏi, tinh dầu, gừng.

Link tạo dụng cụ hít tinh dầu qua mũi

Link dụng cụ hít trên fb:

Dung dịch ngâm chân chữa đau nhức xương khớp, viêm da với cây cỏ xung quanh: đu đủ, ngải cứu, lá lốt, xương sông, rượu, đá, dầu gió, ớt, sả, muối, đường, các cây có tinh dầu, dễ kiếm quanh vườn.

Vị Thuốc quý: enzym papain trong đu đủ.
Ta đang sống trên đống thuốc, nồi thuốc tổng hợp từ các cây cỏ xung quanh dùng bôi ngoài da, ngâm chân khá lành, và hiệu quả cao.
Tự tạo thuốc đắp cho đau xương, viêm khớp với lá đu đủ, dầu gió, gừng, ớt, lá sương sông, ngải cứu

Tự tạo thuốc đắp cho đau xương, viêm khớp với lá đu đủ, dầu gió, gừng, ớt, lá sương sông, ngải cứu

Tự tạo bàn đá mát xa chân:di chuyển trọng tâm, thả lỏng, ấn chân xuống đau vừa thì dừng, giữ một lúc
Tự tạo lọ đu đủ xanh ngâm đường uống, ngâm rượu xoa bóp
Tự tạo lọ đu đủ xanh ngâm đường, uống ngày 1 cốc sau ăn giúp chữa bệnh mãn tính, ung thư, viêm da.
Thu hái nhựa đu đủ dùng bôi, xoa bóp chân đau, viêm da, vết chai, sừng, mụn cóc, gàu, đau xương khớp
Bài tập ôm cầu giúp lưu thông khí huyết, chữa người hàn, lạnh, đau mỏi xương khớp, mất ngủ, lo âu
Bài khí công di chuyển nhịp nhàng theo hơi thở, tự matxa chân, bấm huyệt chân với các viên sỏi, đá
Tự ép mềm bụng qua thành ghế giúp khỏe gan, dạ dày, tử cung, đại tràng, bí tiểu, tiền liệt tuyến
Tự dùng quả bóng và hít mũi chữa ho mạn, viêm xoang, tức ngực, đau lưng.

Lưu lại, chia sẻ cho ai quan tâm.

Hình ảnh minh họa thực tế:

Ebook awaken you wonderful we available free on kdp library from Van Dao Duy

Ebook awaken you wonderful we available free on kdp library from Van Dao Duy

Series of Self-healing for chronic diseases from applying Papaya leaf juice, baking soda, aspirin, sugar, temperature, Vietnamese Qi Gong, breathing, exercise, metabolism, and traditional medicine

Van Duy Dao – Trainer, Author of Awaken You Wonderful We.

T writings

Tài liệu tham khảo cho bài giảng: "Ứng dụng khí công và thiền trong phòng, chữa bệnh và tăng cường sức khỏe."

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Bệnh mãn tính, ác tính rối loạn chuyển hóa kiểu 50kg mà tiểu đường...

Full The hidden relation of autism, adhd, and depression which reveal the effective cause and cure

The English writings are cited from Awaken You Wonderful We

AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE: How do we create heaven on earth?

The secret of the one - page table reveals the real causes of most phenomena, physical problems, mental problems, and social problems

Talent - Outliers - Belief system - Natural learning - Autism - ADHD - Stress - Meditation - Depression - Fibromyalgia - Pain management - Natural healing - Self healing - Metabolic disorders, and Autoimmune diseases. Van D. Dao (2017).

Content of the Book: Awaken you wonderful we

The hidden relations of autism, adhd and depression reveal the cause, prediction, and prevention ...

Love - Connection - Difficulties - Abilities

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